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Free different types of coloring pages are easily available at more coloring pages such as printable coloring pages, coloring books, and online coloring activities for young kids in different categories.



A UK site, brings  together a range of free resources which can be used for teaching Maths.

BBC Number Time
Play a Game: 4-11 years
(inc Snakes & Ladders, Dartboard…)

BBC – Maths Games 4-7 years

learning activities and tools which empower parents as well teachers
Learning Planet

Online games to consolidate learning solving problems 7-11 years
Woodlands Math Zone

Numeracy interactive resources for Primary School:
Crick Web

BBC Maths Games 7+ years


Literacy/Alphabet Activities

PBS Kids:
ABCD Watermelon

ITC Games:
Look Cover Write Check

interactive activities to help improve literacy skills

English Interactive Resources
Crick Web

CVC Maker: Making words, focusing on rime
Crick Web

PBS Kids:
Alphabet Soup

Candlelight Stories:
Undersea ABC

Crick Web:
Alphabetical Order

ITC Games:
Letter Lifter

Science: BBC Science – all age groups

BBC Geography


Quiz Creator:
Online quiz generator

ITC Games:
Numeracy & Literacy for Infant Grades

Virtual Classroom: links and activities
to help with homework
Victorian Education Channel

ABC Children’s TV

Practical information about
how stuff work
How things work?

BBC Games:
4-7 years

BBC Games:
7-11 years




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