Learning Time Coloring Pages

What time is it? It is time to have fun! Learning Time Coloring takes a fun and entertaining look at telling time, coloring, and more. The trademark ColorMy method can boost your child’s cognitive development to the top of the class by combining a love of learning, essential schoolhouse skills, and fun. Your child is going to be spending time coloring anyway, why not add a measurable educational benefit to those books with the ColorMy method? The following pages are FREE to download and try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your child loves to color, learn and will laugh along with Cheekie the Puppy.

Time Worksheets
Time worksheets combine the endless fun of your child’s favourite nursery rhymes, coloring, and the hilarious Cheekie the Puppy for a coloring adventure whose time has come! Teach your child all about how to tell time while they color, play, and have the time of their young lives. The ColorMy method proves learning can truly be fun.

ColorMy Day
This helpful coloring page not only teaches the time, but it also teaches colors and what people do at certain times of the day. No other learning method combines so many essential life lessons in one package. Download the ColorMy method pages today.

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