More Educational Coloring Pages and Worksheets

Give your child the cognitive boost they need while providing hours of entertainment at the same time! The ColorMy method of learning intertwines coloring pages, flash cards, connect the dot pages, and so much more into an educational and entertaining package, lead by the irrepressible Cheekie the Puppy! Your child will love to follow Cheekie from page to page as he teaches them all about numbers, letters, pattern recognition, and much more. The ColorMy method has been proven to increase cognitive ability in young children. When the next school year begins, Cheekie will help your child be ready to move to the head of the class.

Start with the free, instantly downloadable samples to see exactly what the ColorMy method is like. There are free pages on every ColorMy method subject, including numbers, letters, and math skills. If you like what you see, order a full color book on one of these five essential topics: ABC’s, 123’s, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, and Colors and Shapes from Amazon. Start printing now and see for yourself what a difference the ColorMy method can make in your child’s life.