Odd One Out Coloring Pages

Pattern recognition skills can be refined and mastered when you use the ColorMy method and this free, downloadable Odd One Out Coloring page. Pattern recognition is an essential part of child cognitive development. If these skills aren’t presented in a fun and interactive way, however, children may not want to learn them. This page combines the endless fun of coloring, patterns, shapes, and the hilarious Cheekie the Puppy. It is so important that you instill a thirst for learning in your child and that desire to always learn more can start even before school does. Combine a love for coloring and creativity with complex pattern recognition fun. The ColorMy system proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that learning can be fun for everyone.

From standardized tests to the SAT, pattern recognition is a huge part of our modern education system. A child must be armed with the knowledge and the mental capacity to recognize patterns in all their forms before they begin school. This is the coloring page and method that can get the job done. The ColorMy method is like no other educational system in the world because it combines learning, complex ideas, and methods with irrepressible fun!

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